Teal Pumpkin Project!

Join me in starting a new Halloween tradition! The #Tealpumpkinproject is designed to raise awareness about food allergies during the Halloween season. People are asked to place a teal pumpkin outside of their homes to let trick-or-treaters and their families know that they have non-food treats available. This will help make Halloween more inclusive as thousands of children are left out of the festivities due to food allergies. As a mom of a child with food allergies, I couldn't be more proud to support this movement, and I am so thankful to organizations like this one who help spread the word! Here is our teal pumpkin as well as some of the goodies we will have. We have included both non-food items and non-candy items such as vampire teeth, tattoos, pumpkin erasers, spider rings, mini raisin boxes, Annie's Homegrown Halloween fruit snacks, Angie's BoomChickPop, & more! Support kids with food allergies and paint a pumpkin teal!

Here are some more ideas for non-food treats:

Available at dollar stores, party supply stores, or online shops, these low-cost items can be purchased and handed out to all trick-or-treaters, or made available in a separate bowl from candy if you choose to hand out both options. Nearly all of these items can be found in a Halloween theme or festive colors.

Glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces
Pencils, pens, crayons or markers
Halloween erasers or pencil toppers
Mini Slinkies
Whistles, kazoos, or noisemakers
Bouncy balls
Finger puppets or novelty toys 
Spider rings
Vampire fangs
Mini notepads
Playing cards

Read more at www.foodallergy.org!

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